Other Brother Studios Film Fund - 4 months until the deadline!

Other Brother Studios film fund deadline is 4 months away, we have already received some great pitches and looking forward to receiving more as time progresses. 

We have been very fortunate to have the film fund listed on Shooting People's website under their Funding page, something which has undoubtedly led to more interest and submissions. So make sure your idea is a great one as we are expecting more submissions than ever! 

We caught up with 2017 film fund winner, Director Milda Bagiskaite, to ask her about the film fund and what it meant to her:

'Being a young filmmaker, let alone being young, is not easy. There are lots of us out there, trying to get our films made and a lot of us have good ideas too, I believe. The film being a collaborative affair, we need more people than just ourselves believing in our stories to get them off the ground.

Other Brother Studios, first of all, has given me so much confidence in the project, supporting and understanding the story I wanted to tell. From early preproduction until the late distribution stages of 7 Planets, Matthew has given us great advice and provided us with technical support whenever needed. At the same time, our team was given lots of freedom to make our own decisions and creative choices. The challenging budget limitations and a set timescale to produce the film have worked out for the better for us, as any kind of limitations make one think creatively and improvise. With a budget of £500, we managed to have over 20 schoolchildren and a rocket launch in our short. There should exist more creative schemes like Other Brother Studios Film Fund to help and support young creatives make their first steps into the wide, scary and unknown film industry world.'

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 13.32.46.png

Milda's short film, 7 Planets, is currently being shown internationally at film festivals, we are very proud to support Milda and wish her the best of luck with her film! You can find out more information on 7 Planets at the film's website here: https://7planetsshort.com/

You can see the film's trailer here: https://vimeo.com/248242398

To all 2018 film fund applicants - best of luck and make that idea a great one!